Program for the Bear Bar and Bear Stage at Oslo Pride Park 2017

The alternative to the main stage in Pride Park is proud to present this year’s program – there are over 110 performers over 4 days!

A couple of the highlights are:

  • Octobearfest on Wednesday – you may hear a song or two from the Sound of Music…
  • the full cast from the upcoming Norwegian production of Les Miserables at 9 PM on Friday


Wednesday, June 28:

1600: the children’s stage: Sverre Junk and Nothing-Harald Maximillian Stoltenberg

1700: Octobearfeast: sing-along with Gay Brass Band and the Norwegian Bear Club

2100: Siri Broch Johansen: Cohen in Sami/Cohen Sámás

2200: Slam Poetry Night


Thursday, June 29:

1600: the children’s stage: Judy and Nutmeg with Janne Starup Bones

1800: concert: Jon Sverre Langaker – singer/songwriter

1900: Bear Bingo

2100: concert: Oslo Ukulele Orchestra

2200: concert: Oslo Pride: Michelle Aavitsland LIVE


Friday, June 30:

1600: the children’s Stage: Pippa Pirate with Christina Askeland

1700: Volleyball fun with Raballder Volleyball

1800: concert: Queer youth and FRI’s house band!

1900: Bearpub

1900: BearQuiz

1940:  interval entertainment with theatre Vinkel

2000: BearQuiz: the answers

2030: Hallelujah with Yngve Emil Marcussen  and Svein Fuglestad

2100: Theater Concert: Les Miserables from the Folk Theatre/Scene Nights

2200: Theater Concert: Broadway Backwards


Saturday, July 1:

1600: the Norwegian Bear Club’s  Bear Float show

1700: concert: Diplomatic Immunity! The post parade rock ‘n’ roll-experience!

1830: concert: Freeman on the bear stage in Pride Park

1930: concert: Schnodig

_ _ _ _ _

The bear stage and bear bar, Oslo Pride Park 2017, are produced for the Norwegian Bear Club by Stig Krogstad.

Events on the bear stage will be sign language interpreted in collaboration with the deaf group, Queer Signs.

The program can be subject to changes.

Big thanks to everyone that has contributed in making the bear bar and stage a place characterized by solidarity and unity!


Stig Krogstad buvttáda Bierdnalávddi ja Bierdnabára Oslo Pride Park 2017:s Den Norske Bamseklubben ovddas. Sin joavkkusiiddus gávnnat buot dáhpáhusaid. Bierdnalávddi dáhpáhusat dolkojuvvojit seavagillii.

Dat lea bealljehisjoavkku Skeive Tegn:in ovttasbargu.. Prográmma ja álaldagat sáhttet rievdaduvvojit.

Ollu giitosat buohkaide geat váldet oasi oktiigullevašvuođas ja oktavuođas!

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